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Mountain Trails

We try to keep the entire property botanically endemically indigenous as far as the “alien invader” plants allow, and have many magnificent specimen trees of Acacia, Africana, Stinkwoods, Riverbush Willows, Kiepersols and many other smaller species of shrubs and plants.

Food for Thought


All of Nature is precious; please help us to preserve it for future generations. No plants or other natural material to be removed from the property please.  This Lodge is a part of a very delicate biosphere.


Hornbill Lodge is situated on approximately 10 hectares of probably the most beautiful property in Magaliesburg. There is a path cut all along the riverbanks and you are most welcome to explore and enjoy a walk along the riverbanks. Adjacent to our property next to our entrance is the Mountain of Faith. You are most welcome to extend your walk onto a beautiful path cut all round and over the mountain. For the more adventurous we can arrange a walk onto the mountains on Parnassus farm. The farm is approximately 39 hectares and takes you into “wild” territory. Please arrange and book this particular walk.


Please note Hornbill Lodge is a nature Reserve and you will encounter some wild animals like baboons, snakes, mongoose, otters and of course a variety of incredible birds, including the Hornbill. All walks are at your own risk and the resort cannot be held liable for any events or mishaps. Please stay away from the baboons, which are of course the big Magaliesburg Adoonse. They usually cross our property from 6 to 8 in the mornings. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED THEM. It is really a pleasure to watch them in their natural habitat. Adults must at all times accompany children. Please note that the riverbanks are unprotected and the river at some places is very deep, and the river banks quite high. Children falling down into the river are a great cause of concern. Hornbill Lodge is situated on 1.5 km river front. Our guest rooms open onto the riverine forest. 95 % of all plants are endemically indigenous and we intend to increase this.

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