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Jumping from the rockpool

Rock Pool Safety

Even if one person jumps safely, it could still be perilous. Anyone jumping into the Rock Pool does so at their own risk.


However if you are “jumping” please read the following guidelines:- 


  • Look before you leap or dive into the rock pool, underwater logs or big rocks are all dangerous when you are diving into lakes or swimming holes. Diving head first into a rock pool can cause serious injury. Always check the area and jump feet first. Check the area each time before you enter the pool or lake, as swimming conditions or surroundings may change. You may not be able to see underwater logs and objects.


  • Do not go beyond your abilities

  • When you go in the water, swim only where you feel comfortable. Do not jump higher or deeper than you can handle.


  • Never swim alone. Use the "buddy system". Make sure you watch out for each other.


  • Play carefully - Wrestling and tumbling in a pool or lake can be very dangerous. Hitting your head against pool walls or floors, or rocks in lakes, can knock you unconscious. If you do not get help, you can drown very quickly.


  • Do not drink - Injuries involving alcohol are a common problem at all watering holes. Alcohol can make accidents worse because it slows your reflexes and makes you clumsy. If you are in or around the water, do not drink alcohol.

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